YADEtech produces Digital Cinema Packages (DCP), the standard format of modern digital cinema.

We utilize a suite of DCP tools, namely YADE DCP Encoder for DCP mastering and jade2k, a fast jpeg2000 codec for image processing. Both tools have been developed by us and used to encode various materials. We have in-depth knowledge of processes involved in digital cinema workflows.
We have spent many hours in dark movie theatres ranging from arthouse cinemas to multiplexes, performing long and thorough tests (our internal test plan is based on CTP 1.1).
Our work has been examined by the most demanding clients.
Due to our efforts, your material will be seen by millions of movie fans in the best quality: using the highest resolution, with a crystal clear image and vibrant colours as well as dynamic, surround audio!
well worth contacting, if you need:

Encoding media into the DCP format

We offer:

Preparation of media in DCP format for screening in cinemas - modern theatres equipped with a digital projector. The resulting DCP is ready for playback in any digital cinema.

The best experts in the DCP industry.

Modern technology and software - efficient DCP mastering tools developed in-house which allows us to quickly react to non-standard requirements.

Audio processing in a professional sound studio - adding additional surround effects to stereo sound, as well as volume balancing and sound mixing destined for digital cinemas.

Distribution of media both in physical formats and over the Internet (the preferred method for short-form media).

Standalone versions of our software: YADE DCP Encoder, jade2k codec, YADE Transcoder, YADEweb Remote DCP Encoder.

Implementation of custom applications based on the aforementioned components.

Competitive prices.


Not only did we implement DCP tools, but we also use them successfully.

European Culture Congress

Goethe Institute

Happy Feet2 - video game

Lord of the rings - video game

Warsaw School of Economics - advertisement

HTC Wildfire


DCP with advertisements shown before premiere screening of Pina 3D movie in Poland

Z miłości (Out of love) - DCP repackaging

DCP for Arthouse Cinemas

Moomins and the Comet Chase 2D - for distribution in Poland

Moomins and the Comet Chase 3D - for distribution in Poland

Make More Music 2

Snow Show

Holy Motors

Beyond Hills


Neighbouring Sounds

Post Tenebras Lux

Transatlantyk - advertisement

Angels of the Universe

Cold Light



The Rat

Dr Pomponik

LEGO The Lord of the Rings - presentation



A Royal Affair

Trailers prepared for BD version of "A Royal Affair" movie

YADE DCP Encoder

Yade is an efficient DCP authoring tool. It provides a powerful engine for fast and easy digital cinema package creation. Using the newest technology it outperforms the competition in areas of speed and quality. Despite the complex processes involved, the application provides an intuitive and user friendly interface.

Core features

  • Creation of Interop and SMPTE compliant DCPs
  • Supports TIFF and PNG graphic formats
  • Supports 2D and 3D (stereoscopic) modes
  • Supports multiple resolution picture content (e.g. HD, Scope, Flat, 2k and 4k)
  • Supports stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 audio content in WAV format (48 kHz, 96 kHz)
  • Supports content encryption and decryption
  • Supports subtitles (SMPTE, CineCanvas)
  • Advanced asset management


  • The fastest software encoder on the market
  • Fully DCI compliant
  • Scalable
  • Easy to install and learn
  • Intuitive and aesthetic graphical user interface
  • Cross-platform (Available on Windows and Linux systems)

Additional features

  • Advanced quality settings for professional users
  • JPEG2000 (JPC) image format output
  • MXF input (both plaintext and ciphertext)
  • Project files

YADE KDM Generator

External application used to generate KDMs from YADE projects for specified target certificates. Can be used to generate both KDMs and DKDMs.

jade2k codec

jade2k is a highly efficient jpeg2000 codec designed for DCI related tasks. It is one of the the core components of YADE DCP Encoder and arguably the most important one.


  • DCI compliant software codec
  • Scalable
  • Incorporates very fast color transforms
  • Advanced I/O subsystem for faster encoding
  • Advanced memory management
  • Adjustable encoding bitrate

YADE Transcoder

Its main purpose is to convert input frames to either a raw jpc stream or a MXF file with picture essence. It is based on jade2k codec with added MXF wrapping functionality.


  • Utilizes jade2k codec
  • Multiple output formats (MXF or jpc stream)
  • Optional jpc input (to wrap into MXF)
  • Interop/SMPTE MXF output
  • Plaintext/Ciphertext MXF output
  • 2D/3D input
  • Command line
  • Scalable
  • Adjustable encoding bitrate
  • Adjustable FPS
  • Multiple input color profiles (e.g. linear RGB, sRGB, Rec. 709, explicit gamma in case of Rec. 709 primaries)
  • Default parameters readable from configuration file

YADEweb Remote DCP Encoder

Web service based on the YADE DCP Encoder API. Set up for fast, inexpensive and easy encoding of short forms remotely.

Core features

  • Backend engine utilizes YADE Encoding Engine
  • E-mail notifications
  • Tasks queues - so that your project gets 100% CPU when it is sheduled for encoding
  • Supported by all modern web browsers*
  • Multiple input formats, both streaming formats and individual frames with audio files (possibly zipped)

Additional features

  • Preliminary conversion of input material to DCDM (the closest parameters to the input material)
  • Automatic video rescaling
  • Automatic pillar/letter boxing
  • Automatic FPS change to valid DCI FPS
  • Automatic audio resampling
  • Audio length change to output DCP length
  • List of required automatic changes presented to the user
  • Multiple output formats (DCP, downloadable MPEG, web preview - for fast picture/audio synchronisation check)


  • Availability (24/7)
  • Speed (short forms encoded in a matter of minutes)
  • Ease of use
  • DCI compliance
  • Based on YADE
  • Linux version (can be set up for in-company use)
  • Intuitive WEB interface
  • Multiple input formats: ogv, flv, avi, mpeg, mov, wmv, mp4 or frames with pcm audio tracks
* except Internet Explorer

Do you know how many companies a sample disk can visit before it contains the final DCP? Currently, most companies offering a full DCP preparation service are not capable of doing it all themselves.

YADE is not just another tool. It is a system created entirely by us.

Additionally, we offer services related to acquiring materials, formatting subtitles, decoding and processing of existing DCP media, preprocessing of raw media to increase its quality when converted to a DCP, mixing and correcting volume levels, as well as others.


If you are interested in purchasing software, obtaining any of our technologies or have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us by email via